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Outdoor Events/Car Shows

If you are having a car show or outdoor event and need professional DJ services look no further! We offer multiple outdoor setups including trailers and we also have generators to create our own power. We are fully equipped to do any outdoor event in any location! Not to mention we have a top of the line WIRELESS system which allows us to put speakers hundreds of feet from our base location!!!

Car Shows

     If your organization is hosting a car show and would like the most professional, knowledgeable company to provide the entertainment we are the company for you. As members of the Cops N Rodders Car Club as well as working with many organizations, and businesses we have plenty of experience with organizing and entertaining at car shows. We play a variety of music including classic rock, doo wop, 50's dance music, country, and more! We try to create an atmosphere where every generation at the event can hear songs they love. We are highly professional in keeping things organized as well as making all the announcements, conducting awards ceremonies and more. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us through the website or at [email protected] Car show rate is $75.00 per hour

Outdoor Events

     Are you having an outdoor event? Regardless of the location we are able to provide professional entertainment services where ever your party is! We are fully equipped with our own power and multiple setups to accommodate any space!

Below are photos of our setups

 This is our 16" custom trailer that can be used at car shows and other outdoor events.